2. Međunarodni susret puhačkih orkestara u Zagrebu, Jezero Bundek, subota 13.7.2019. od 18:00 sati

Pokrovitelj:Grad Zagreb
Sponzori: Zagrebački Holding, Zagrebačka Pivovara, Zagrebački električni tramvaj, Turistička zajednica grada Zagreba

U 17:45 sati okupljanje svih sudionika na Bundeku ispred  glavne pozornice kod jezera, 350 sudionika izvodi: „Lijepa naša domovino“ i „Serbus Zagreb“.

U 18:00 sati započinje koncertni program na jezeru Bundek.

U 22:00 sati zatvaranje Susreta, podjela suvenira, zahvalnica, te zajedničko druženje glazbenika i prisutnog građanstva.

Sudionici: Szigetvár orkestar, Pécs orkestar, Stolac orkestar, Szombathely orkestar, Czajkowie orkestar, Dekanovec orkestar, Zagreb orkestar

Organizator: Zagrebački orkestar ZET-a
Voditelj projekta: Jelena Horvatinec

Zagreb has a rich cultural life, ready to be explored but it's missing an important segment: there's a lack of brass orchestras playing in the streets, squares, and occasional manifestations. That is why the ZET Orchestra – Zagreb, which has been operating and magnifying with its music all the important events in the city for over 90 years - wants and to revive the tradition that goes far in the past through INTERNATIONAL FEST OF WIND ORCHESTRES. Wind orchestras are part of the cultural identity of every social environment, including the city of Zagreb. They are precious because they raise young musicians and thus provide young people with a healthy, socially positive and socially useful engagement. The tradition of playing in orchestras is in the category of tracks of the past times that modernization of today extinguishes, though we should not forget that culture and tradition are an important factor in contemporary tourism trends - and that development is very important to Croatia as a tourist country. Music is surely a universal language through which it is possible to improve knowledge, to establish and strengthen mutual cooperation, and to improve communication between different cultures, nationalities and traditions.